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Stoneco, Inc. provides top-quality Bird and Animal scaring pyrotechnics to the Pest control and Management Industry,  Combine this with great customer service and support - it's a combination that can't be beat!
Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Stoneco, Inc. has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! 

Stoneco, Inc. has been supplying the Animal Damage Control Industry for over 40 years.  These industries would include, Fish Hatcheries , Landfills, Farms, Parks, Cemeteries, Ranches, Lakes, Ponds and Waterways, Mining , Public Utilities, USDA, State Fish & Wildlife, Municipalities.

We also carry other pyrotechnic bird scaring items:

  1. 15mm Bird Whistlers
  2. 15 mm Bird Bangers
  3. Record Pistol (for launching the 15mm items)
  4. Extra 6mm blanks

at (800) 833-2264 today!

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